It is reported that Twitter has continued to make a loss despite its incessant use by Donald Trump which was expected to boost its revenues.

The Twitter force was almost spent,
When the new US government,
Led by one Donald Trump, no less,
Use it the people to address.

So Twitter from that day became,
The Government in all but name,
For policy, commands and all,
And information on the wall.

It was the means by which you knew,
What edicts had been issued to,
Officials who would them enact,
And generally with little tact.

So everybody thought Trump was,
A saviour now arrived because,
As Twitter users caught the news,
It should increase its revenues.

But no, this hasn’t quite worked out,
Despite the fact that Trump’s got clout,
Its revenues stay in decline,
Despite his tweeting asinine.

So is this once again Trump’s curse?
Affecting business as diverse,
As fashion to his girl’s dismay,
And Twitter as we see today.

Trump boasts about his business skills,
That he knows how to fill the tills,
But usually he interacts,
With flunkeys who might give him facts,
And should they say not ‘yes’ but ‘no’,
Then out the door they will soon go.

But speaking to the common man,
He should remember if he can,
That customers and voters say,
They’ll not take insults in that way.

For soon the people might rebel,
Will make his life just complete hell,
A revolution would be worst –
It would indeed not be the first!

Image – Pixabay

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