It is reported that tests have shown that rice should be boiled in an excess of water to reduce its arsenic content before eating.

You might just be surprised to know,
The main thing in a risotto,
Is something that might make you sick,
For it is quite high in arsenic.

Now arsenic pretty famous is,
Because throughout the centuries,
It has been used with bad intent,
To poison folk without consent.

But there’s an answer, so it’s said,
Better by far than being dead,
And there is one more helpful fact –
It is quite simple to enact.

When you boil rice, then, put in more,
H2O than you did before,
This washes arsenic from the grain,
And then you pour it down the drain.

Though this is easy there’s a snag,
And where there’s arsenic tongues will wag,
There is, it seems, a rule arcane –
You can’t put arsenic down the drain!

Image – Wikimedia commons


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