It is reported that French attempts to lure banks from London to Paris after Brexit have been ridiculed by the international banks.

As Brexit now proceeds apace,
The French think they can play their ace,
And showcase Paris as the best,
Financial centre in the West.

“We have good weather, also wine,
And restaurants everywhere to dine,
And really, there’s no finer place,
To have as a financial base.”

But bankers said “Not quite so fast,
You’re tax laws were all built to last;
Three hundred taxes must be paid,
Which is too many, we’re afraid.

Some of these taxes are quite new,
’Cos this is what you French folk do,
While others go a long way back,
To when King Louis got the sack,
And his wife Marie Antoinette,
As is well-known caused some upset,
When she made quite a big mistake,
Promoting then some sort of cake.

As well as this your labour law –
Three hundred pages, maybe more –
Is not competitive as you
Most probably already knew.

And while we’re at it we don’t care,
If workers have no time to spare,
For eating lunch and drinking wine,
We want them working all the time.

So put your house in order first,
Get rid of rules that are the worst,
But with the snails’ pace of the state,
By then it might well be too late.”

Image – Pixabay

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