It is reported that smart devices connected to the internet can be hacked by people like the Russians.

It seems we’re in for more treats yet,
Courtesy of the internet,
As lots of items in the home,
Will respond to a mobile phone.

The kettle, toaster, wash machine,
And other things that keep us clean,
Fridges and freezers, TVs too,
And even those hot guns that glue.

They all can be turned off or on,
By very nearly anyone,
Who might have access to our phone,
Or who knows how to hack or clone.

As always, Russia is to blame,
The ones in Moscow just the same,
“But why,” you ask, “should they want to,
Turn on our kettles, toasters too?”

The reason I’d say, more or less,
Might simply be to cause distress,
But if lots act at once perhaps,
The power grid might just collapse.

So good advice we should now heed,
Which is we really do not need,
The toaster to start up while we,
Are outside fumbling for our key.

And if we wait ’til we’re inside,
A rule of thumb can be our guide,
We’d have to wait three mins. at most,
Before we get our buttered toast.

And so to Putin I would say,
“If you feel like a hack today,
Just leave the lamp off by my bed,
And put the Hoover on instead!”

Image: – Wikimedia commons

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