It is reported that several members of the Trump family appear to have ‘jobs’ in Donald Trump’s new administration.

The Trumps are always in the news,
And if not Twittering their views,
They’re in some sort of photo op. –
Good candidates for Photoshop.

The latest one that I have seen,
Before The Donald meets The Queen,
Is with PM Justin Trudeau,
Who’s maybe not important so,
He’s sitting on the right this time,
Of one name I just cannot rhyme.

Ivanka is the problem name,
But Trudeau’s pretty much the same,
So writing this has just got worse,
’Cos I can’t manage both in verse.

But anyway I do digress,
He wears a jacket, she a dress,
But what her role is sitting here,
I don’t think’s really very clear.

The voters expressed their intent,
To have The Trump as president,
But few of them were so astute,
To then expect a complete suit,
Of Trumps in government one day,
Whom possibly they’ll have to pay.

So nepotism hasn’t gone,
If you’re not sure just ask Fillon,
Who there in France now looks a berk –
He paid his wife who didn’t work.

So will this pack of Trumps all stay,
Or will some simply fade away?
It’s better now to know than not,
So watch in case they lose the plot.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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