It is reported that a recent survey has shown that ham sandwiches are the most popular and many people have the same sandwich filling for lunch every day, often for years on end.

Ham sandwiches are often best,
When lunches are put to the test,
And as you will learn in this rhyme,
They’ve really stood the test of time.

The first ham sandwich likely was,
Consumed by Earl Sandwich because,
He liked to gamble, so it’s said,
And so between some white sliced bread,
His servant put a piece of meat,
Inventing thus a meal complete.

The type of meat we do not know,
It hasn’t been recorded so,
It could be beef, more likely ham,
But I don’t think it would be Spam.

So armed with this the Fourth Earl might,
Now place his bets all through the night,
And whether he should win or lose,
He could perhaps his filling choose.

But back now to the present day,
With lots of fillings on display,
There is indeed a lot of choice,
And you can order with your voice.

And with such choice you might expect,
That people likely would select,
A different filling every day,
So their lives would not be so grey.

But, strangely, that’s not what they do,
Most people stick with just a few,
And some folk feel compelled to say,
They have the same one every day.

In fact some people – just a few –
Have said, and it is likely true,
They’ve daily had ham sandwich for,
Some twenty-something years or more!

So of this food I am a fan,
Try different fillings when I can,
The filling can be such a treat,
As long as it’s not luncheon meat!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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