It is reported that scientists are worried that heading a football over a long period of time might result in head injury and dementia for the players.

Footballers like to head the ball,
And do not worry much at all,
About effects that there may be,
To body parts above the knee.

I’m not referring to the chest,
For when the ball’s against it pressed,
The ribcage will then do its stuff,
Protecting organs well enough.

But no, I mean the player’s head,
Without which it might well be said,
There likely would no heading be,
And therefore not much transfer fee.

Of course the head does not come off,
If I said that you’d merely scoff,
But heading even if offside,
Might make some bits come loose inside.

And over time these loose bits could,
Be doing players not much good,
In fact they might, no ifs no buts,
Result in players going nuts.

“So what is new?” I hear you say,
“Some of them are like that today.”

Well maybe so, but in this age,
Where health and safety’s all the rage,
We have to think in prose or verse,
Of ways to stop it getting worse.

It sounds quite bad so what to do?
A softer ball would help, it’s true,
Or maybe hats worn on the head,
Would sometimes help the impact spread.

These hats might really be quite nice,
Could be worn more than once or twice,
And if displayed with beer in cans,
They could be sold to football fans.

Image – Pixabay

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