It is reported that a study published by University College London has found that six is a magic number where queueing is concerned.

When people stand around in queues,
It seldom gets into the news,
Because news pages are quite full,
And queueing can be pretty dull.

But on occasions people who,
Must not have very much to do,
Go out and find themselves a line,
Where they can stand to pass the time.

These clever people now conclude,
That queues that stop folk being rude,
Also teach foreigners to learn,
That they must stand and wait their turn.

But they’ve found one amazing fact,
Which human brains so far have lacked,
And that’s that a queue’s dynamics,
Are all described by number six!

We’ll queue six minutes then give up,
And go and find some tea to sup,
And more than six in front we mind,
But not if there are six behind,
And as for human interface,
We want our own six inch of space.

There isn’t that much more to write,
About how we queue day and night,
But you’ll have noticed I expect,
One thing on which we might reflect.

The metaphysics of the queue,
Described, as said, by three times two,
Is a number as we all know,
Not in the metric system so,
Since it’s confined to British land,
Most foreigners don’t understand.

And that is why, I put to you,
The British know how best to queue!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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