It is reported that in a press conference yesterday Donald Trump accused The Press of publishing fake news in response to almost every question.

So Donald Trump announced last night,
That really everything’s all right,
And as for chaos or a mess,
Well, that’s all made up by The Press.

“They ask me questions I don’t like,
Would not have asked in The Third Reich,
Nice questions are in short supply,
And still my answers they don’t buy.

For when I answer they heap blame,
On me and say it’s not the same,
As I replied some days ago,
And then they say they do not know,
The truth about my admin.’s views,
And turn it all into fake news.

So truthful news is rather scant,
But still I will not rave and rant,
That there is caused so much distress,
By fake news published by The Press.

And as for chaos, let me say,
You’ve got this all wrong anyway,
My government and wife Slovene,
Are just ‘like a fine-tuned machine’ .”

Image – Wikimedia commons

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