It is reported that Tony Blair has given a speech insisting that people voted in ignorance to leave the EU and that they should be persuaded to change their minds.

So Tony Blair’s back in the news,
Expounding yet again his views,
And this time we’ve all got it wrong –
To the EU we should belong.

So last June when we voted out,
Our knowledge was so close to nowt,
That we knew not what was in store,
And hence what we were voting for.

So he says we must try again,
What he’s up to is very plain,
It’s what he and the EU say,
When someone’s voted the wrong way.

The EU has done this before,
A few times – I think three or four –
And it’s the same with the Scots Nats.,
Who pretend to be democrats.

But fortunately, you might say,
He’s not in government today,
It’s obvious he’s feeling sore,
So best to just the man ignore.

And this is not just my advice,
That Boris Johnson’s said it twice,
And how could people not agree,
With one who is as smart as he!

Image – Wikipedia

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