It is reported that the German Environment Minister has banned meat from being served at official functions owing to the damage it causes to the environment.

The Germans all do sausage eat,
And these are mostly stuffed with meat,
And though of German foods it’s first,
They still insist that they are wurst.

But some Germans now say it’s bad,
’Cos every sausage you have had,
No matter it is fat or lean,
Is really very far from green.

Of course you know that this is so,
’Cos pigs and cattle as they grow,
Produce methane which they expel,
And that, of course, is why they smell.

A minister, therefore, has banned,
Eating of meat both fresh and canned,
At functions where it might be served,
Which has the Government unnerved.

“This action,” it says, “might be seen,
On balance just a bit extreme,
For diners expecting a treat,
Will find they cannot sausage eat.”

The minister, though, stands her ground,
Might even sausages impound,
But if the people get too vexed,
There might be revolution next.

Image – Flickr

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