It is reported that Wayne Shaw, the 23 stone reserve team goalkeeper at Sutton United Football Club is in trouble and has lost his job after taking part in a betting stunt that involved him eating a meat pie.

It seems that Wayne Shaw is well-known,
When his club, Sutton, plays at home,
For eating pasties and meat pies,
As far as I know without fries.

But then on just the other day,
While playing Arsenal by the way,
He did something not very wise,
And ate another of his pies.

The problem was this was a stunt,
In which people could have a punt,
On whether he would have a bite,
Of one of his meat pies that night.

The odds were set at eight to one,
So most folk thought the pie was gone,
But right at the end of the game,
The goalie, Mr Shaw by name,
Produced a pie, it wasn’t hot,
And in a moment ate the lot.

People were cross, they’d lost their bets,
More than a few increased their debts,
And people said he was a fool –
This was against the gambling rule.

So he’s the goalie there no more,
Also a fine might be in store,
But for now he should dry his eyes,
And have another of his pies!

Image – Who ate all the pies


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