It is reported that the German army is to increase in size to 200,000 people owing to the increased military threat from Russia and the uncertainty of Donald Trump’s position on NATO.

The German army’s set to grow,
From what size now I do not know,
But after it’s recruited men,
There’ll be two hundred thousand then.

It’s well-equipped and funded too,
Which may be no surprise to you,
But round about two years ago,
It wasn’t fit to fight a foe,
Because it’s planes and tanks in brown,
We’re pretty much all broken down.

It seems that those in charge had ceased,
To make sure all the tanks were greased,
And planes that should be in the air
We’re in a state of disrepair.

But soldiers knew just what to do –
They watch Dad’s Army – yes they do –
So when they went outside to train,
And found their guns played up again,
So that they would not meet their doom,
They used the handles from the broom.

To point and poke was quite all right,
’Cos training’s not a real fight,
And with these weapons from the maid,
They could charge like the Light Brigade.

The Russians would get all distraught,
At least that’s what the Germans thought,
But they forgot, I think I’m right,
Last time the Russians won that fight!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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