It is reported that a new study has concluded that we need to eat not five but ten pieces of fruit and vegetables each day to stay healthy.

We have been told for decades now,
That we should eat more fruit and how,
Five pieces each and every day,
Is needed so that one can stay,
A healthy person front and back,
And not die from a heart attack.

If not you have yourself to blame,
But even five is quite a pain,
And now just making matters worse,
If you want to avoid the hearse,
The number five is far too small,
And will not do much good at all.

From this day forward you need ten,
Applies to women, also men,
And if you eat this fruit and veg.,
It seems Almighty God will pledge,
To let you have a longer wait,
Before you reach the Pearly Gate.

But if you miscount things are dire,
Because you might indeed expire,
Far sooner than you thought you would,
And than statistics say you should.

But eating ten each day is hard,
Especially if one’s Swiss chard,
So you might just the problem ease,
By going for the grapes and peas!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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