It is reported that Donald Trump is setting an extremely tight schedule for building the Mexican wall and is planning to award the construction contracts for this $15 billion project within eight weeks.

The wall, the wall, both long and tall,
But Donald plans as if ’twere small,
He’s published his timetable which,
Does not allow for any hitch.

All builders must submit designs,
And he’ll choose that which best aligns,
With what he wants, no details missed,
From which he’ll make up his shortlist.

Time for design? About ten days,
Which might some engineers faze,
The outcome we’ll learn from his tweets,
In no more than the next two weeks.

Then from this list he wants the cost,
To which expect a loud riposte:
“It is too much, you’ve got a cheek,
I want it lower by next week!

Your final prices must be low,
So in a month we’re good to go,
You’ll not have very long to wait,
So please do not prevaricate.

And while we’re talking there are two,
Conditions which as builders you,
Must comply with when you are done,
And this applies to everyone.

The first is Mexicans you hire,
Must not be able to conspire,
To play on us a nasty trick,
So when the wall gets its last brick,
They do not take us for a ride,
And end up on the US side.

And secondly, although it grates,
This wall will have to have some gates,
And I must make it clear to you,
That Mexicans must not fit through,
So gates must have dimensions that,
Are less than a sombrero hat.”

Image – Wikimedia commons

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