It is reported that the BBC, New York Times, CNN and several other news organisations have been excluded from a recent White House press briefing in apparent retaliation at them not writing what the President wants them to write.

So now it seems that Donald Trump,
Has well and truly got the hump,
He’s excluded the BBC,
And others of the Press that he,
Accuses of writing fake news,
In press reports and interviews.

His spokesman, trying to explain,
First said it was a crying shame,
That the reporters could not fit,
No matter they might stand or sit,
Including French ones with their plumes,
Into the White House briefing room.

But it was pointed out to him,
That unless he was really dim,
He should be able to assess,
The room could fit in more, not less.

Caught out thus by this upstart hack,
Sean Spicer sought a change of tack,
And said because it wasn’t fair,
He didn’t want to see out there,
‘Inaccurate facts’ – that’s fake news –
And contrary to Donald’s views.

Then as he looked around the room,
He said two new reporters whom,
He really, truly could commend,
Had been unable to attend.

He hoped they would be there next time,
Reporting back in prose or rhyme,
For in the past they’d proved their worth,
In other places on the earth.

Their paper, he could now disclose,
Was well-known to be one of those,
That was so truthful it could claim,
That truth was even in its name.

And recommended by a friend,
The President could now depend,
On this one with it’s claim to fame,
You guessed it – Pravda is its name.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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