It is reported that the award for best picture at the Oscars was made to the wrong film before the mistake was noticed and the correct award made.

The Oscars are the film awards,
For actors treading on the boards,
And every year they cheer and clap,
But this year got into a flap.

For last night there was a mistake,
A real live case of double take,
As Mrs Bonnie, Mr Clyde,
On stage there standing side by side,
Announced they had the outcome and,
This year’s best film was La La Land.

But part way through the second speech,
They were cut short and with a screech,
As one tall and bald-headed man,
Said one more film was better than,
The one that had just been announced,
Which had now been completely trounced.

This second announcement was right,
The gong went to the film Moonlight,
So all it’s actors came on stage,
And just like always took an age,
To thank their kids and nannies who,
Had somehow helped all this win through.

So that is it, a touch absurd,
That such confusion had occurred,
Next year if there’s the same mistake,
Then they should do another take.

Image – Flickr

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