It is reported that Good Housekeeping has provided the definitive list of household chores and how often they should be done.

One does not like a dirty house,
Which may attract the rat or mouse,
And so Good Housekeeping this week,
Tells how to keep it clean and sleek.

The first in line are daily jobs,
Like washing dishes, wiping hobs,
Then making beds in which one sleeps,
So they’re not left in rumpled heaps.

Then every week launder and dust,
With sparkling surfaces a must,
Though weekly sheet changes may seem,
To one perhaps a touch extreme.

With all that done one can sit down,
Perhaps go shopping in the town,
Where one may Morrisons beseech,
To sell one rubber gloves and bleach.

Because I have left ’til the end,
Those jobs that include round the bend,
That’s shower, basin, bath and loo,
And other places people queue.

So don’t say one’s not been advised,
Based on the best routine devised,
It’s better to be clean than not,
So out with all the bleach one’s got!

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