It is reported that Donald Trump has declined an invitation to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, a function to which almost all presidents go.

So once again The Donald Trump,
Has shown that he has got the hump,
Announcing that he will not go,
To dinner that the Press Core throw,
For politicians, him as well,
Which generally is pretty swell.

The President and all first dine,
Then after they’ve consumed the wine,
The President who may be tight,
Will tell a few jokes on the night.

The President, it is supposed,
Will be there unless indisposed,
But Donald simply will not go,
To spend an evening with the foe.

For that is how he sees the Press,
Yes, all of them – well, more or less,
And as he complains every day,
“They will not do just as I say.

My little friend in Russia there –
The one with short but normal hair –
Is one the Press won’t dare defy,
And it should be the same for I.”

But Donald doesn’t know the rules,
Americans are not all fools,
And checks and balances are there,
To see that men with oddball hair,
Although they may refuse to dine,
Are still obliged to toe the line.

And that’s it, he can like or lump,
No special rules for Donald Trump,
So whether he’s inept or not,
He can’t be The Trump the despot.

Image –Wikimedia commons

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