It is reported that the 2017 Oscars ceremony was messed up when the best picture award was wrongly awarded.

The Oscars generally are dull,
’Cos the event is always full,
Of people in expensive clothes,
Repeatedly then thanking those,
Who might perhaps have had a hand,
In some film made in La La Land.

It gets a mention, I should say,
In papers but for just a day,
But then that’s it, we hear no more,
Including of the clothes they wore.

But this time since it all went wrong,
They have made such a dance and song,
Effect of which this movie clique,
Has been kept in the news all week.

So although movie makers claim,
They’re angry with the ones to blame,
In secret they might rub their hands,
’Cos they’re not fools and understand,
That all publicity is good,
That they’ve now got more that they should,
And this will make for extra cash,
For films that aren’t completely trash.

So probably as they now plan,
For next year they’ll see what they can,
Make go wrong on purpose next time,
So more people will spend a dime.

Image – Flickr

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