It is reported that the Government is intending to require companies to shorten and simplify the terms and conditions they expect consumers to understand and accept.

WHEREAS the Government’s concerned,
That folk at school have not much learned,
So when they’re faced with Ts and Cs,
It’s only those who have degrees,
And therefore been a graduand,
That have a chance to understand.

The first thing is they can be long,
Far more so than an iTunes song,
Which now determines what kids can,
Achieve for their attention span.

And songs have words that do repeat,
Ten times before the song’s complete,
So if one phrase they can recall,
They probably could sing it all.

The other problem is the words,
Some of which can sound quite absurd,
Like inasmuchas, heretofore –
I could go on for there are more.

But most of us don’t even try,
To read these words by means of eye.
We simply blindly tick the box,
Which means that for that pair of socks,
We’d set our heart on we’re OK,
With anything that comes our way.

All this is bad, this legal blah,
You’ll concur if you’ve read this far,
’Cos if the socks you’ve bought don’t last,
You would want to return them fast.

But if you’ve signed your rights away,
You might lose all you had to pay,
Then when you go for jogs or strolls,
You’re wearing socks all full of holes.

So reading terms is really cool,
But they’re much too long as a rule,
And this is now the problem that,
The Government plans to combat.

So in the future terms will be,
As short as short as short can be,
And so that they won’t disappoint,
They should be shown in bullet point.

Then anyone of any age,
Their doubts on purchase can assuage,
By reading something no more long,
Than lyrics in an iTunes song.

Image – Pixabay

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