Phone tapping

It is reported that Donald Trump has accused Barack Obama of orchestrating the bugging of Trump Tower during the presidential election campaign and some are speculating that this may be a diversionary tactic to take attention away from his other problems.

Trump’s been in office forty days,
And since then there’s been little praise,
By journalists and others too,
For many things he’s tried to do.

Reports are bad most every day,
No matter what the man may say,
With Russian scandals, Moslems, wall,
Not much is going right at all.

He banned reporters – didn’t work –
The Press all nearly went berserk,
And even with this change of tack,
The Russian meetings still came back.

But maybe now he’s found a ruse,
To see if such he can defuse;
So bright and early one fine day,
On Twitter, of course, he did say,
That he now had some news so grim –
Obama had been bugging him.

Reporters looked from side to side,
As they all one another eyed,
“If someone’s getting on his nerves,
It’s probably what he deserves.”

But Trump then sent another tweet,
A different one, not a repeat,
“When I say ‘bug’ I do not mean,
That irritating he has been,
But my Trump Tower on this map,
Has been subject to a wire tap.

So how to call it? Let’s not wait,
This is far worse than Watergate!
And this is true, it ain’t no bluff,
Unlike all of that Russian stuff.
This really is beyond the pale –
The man should be banged up in jail!”

But jail he’s promised in the past,
One Mrs Clinton was the last.
Perhaps he’s taking now his lead,
From his friend Putin who indeed,
Won’t tolerate threats small or large,
And jails them on some Trumped up charge!

Image – Flickr

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