GCHQ satellite dishes

It is reported that GCHQ, MI5 and the CIA can spy on people through their televisions and smart phones.

Next time you watch the BBC,
Or any free or pay TV,
You should be careful what you say,
For people who are far away,
Might just be watching what you do,
And who it is you’re talking to.

For we’ve just learnt the CIA,
And agencies in the UK,
Can hack your TV, mobile too,
So that they can then spy on you.

It also works when they’re turned off,
So when you have all had enough,
Of all that guff that’s on TV,
Your words still may not private be.

So with all this what best to do?
You could go ask GCHQ,
But what they say will be no use,
Unless the spokesman’s face turns puce.

So probably you’re on your own,
When facing your TV or phone;
If you’re a terrorist or Trot.,
Perhaps you’d better ditch the lot.

But then they might suspicious be,
If you’re without phone or TV,
So just keep schtum as aforesaid,
Or shout rude words at them instead!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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