It is reported that Boylan High School in the USA has issued a twenty-one page compulsory dress guides for its forthcoming prom, most of it being for women.

“Our dress code comes in several parts,
To make sure you don’t look like tarts;
For admittance, though it’s not free,
You have to dress with modesty.

So first off gents, please do wear suits,
With polished shoes but never boots,
And also you must wear a tie –
That’s just the rule so don’t ask why.

Now ladies, you must wear a dress,
And though we don’t want to obsess,
There are some simple rules for you,
Though you can wear most any shoe.

First is the neckline – not too low,
So there’s no cleavage that’s on show,
And then the length, please not too high,
It must be lower than mid-thigh,
And if it’s split then inches three,
Will be the max. above the knee.

That’s mostly it but round the back,
The bits back there should not be slack,
And the cut there should not be low,
Compared to right or left elbow.

To make this clear we have some pics.,
Of dresses on some gorgeous chicks,
Which show which dresses are OK,
To wear to this year’s prom today.

But other pictures in our guide,
Are really not so dignified,
Because these dresses break the rule,
Though boys would likely think them cool.

And that raises one final point,
Though we don’t want to disappoint,
These pics. show too much chest and thigh,
So boys do please avert your eye.”

Image – Flickr

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