WC sign 2

It is reported that girls at Bedale High School in North Yorkshire have staged a protest over new rules restricting when they can go to the toilet.

“Now welcome all to school today,
You come here for to work and play,
But one thing that you should not do,
Is spend too much time in the loo.

It has been getting out of hand,
Mainly with those who sit, not stand,
And so we’ve introduced a rule,
Which says when you can wee at school.

The rule’s quite simple, this is it:
You simply have to wait a bit,
Until the next timetabled break,
But if it’s keeping you awake,
And you must go at any cost,
First try to keep your legs all crossed.

Then if it is still your belief,
That this does not provide relief,
You may request by means of chit,
Which must be signed in duplicate,
A special visit to the loo,
But take care not to jump the queue.

And that is it, the rule in fact,
Is very simple to enact,
And don’t forget when you next wee,
For now, at least, it is still free.”

Image – Pixabay

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