Spoon bent

It is reported that some years ago Uri Geller, the famous illusionist, was assessed by the CIA to see if his skills might be useful in the Cold War.

Do you remember years ago,
When Uri Geller had a show,
On pretty nearly every day,
To telepathic skills display?

But what you may remember best,
Is he would always do a test,
Before a show came to an end,
In which he would a teaspoon bend.

It seemed to work right every time,
Was this now a new paradigm?
Or was it, to folk who weren’t thick,
Maybe a clever little trick?

Not so though for the CIA,
Who watched him do his trick each day,
And thought his telepathic skill,
Just might perhaps now fit the bill,
And give them some sort of a lead,
As the Cold War still did proceed.

And so they all set up a test,
To see how he could help them best,
And they concluded that he could,
’Cos telepathic skills were good.

So what to make of this result?
Does it intelligence insult?
Or should we hold the man in awe,
For having ended the Cold War?

Image – Flickr

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