It is reported that the Chancellor is in deep trouble over his budget increase in self-employed national insurance rates and the controversy is still in the papers at the end of the week with a full weekend of political analysis doubtless still to come.

So budgets come and budgets go,
And as you all by now will know,
As well as dull they are complex,
And almost guaranteed to vex.

No matter what might have been planned,
They are so hard to understand,
And if the experts can’t agree,
What hope is there for you and me?

So I will not try to explain,
About who might have loss or gain,
Except that if some do all right,
A whole lot more will get a fright.

P’rhaps it’s a game of zero sum,
With happy folk then matched by glum,
But then the ones that see the pain,
Stand up and endlessly complain,
While others who have done all right,
Will mostly keep their mouths shut tight.

And of course MPs don’t complain,
About their people who might gain,
Unless, that is, they are all rich,
In which case some will moan and bitch.

So if you’re Chancellor take care,
To try to make your budget fair,
But what you do with give and take,
Will not a lot of difference make.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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