Ice cream van

It is reported that parents sometimes tell small untruths to their children in order to make life bearable.

Bringing up children in the main,
Is sure to drive you quite insane,
With toys and tantrums, being sick,
And music that gets on your wick.

For answers they will not take ‘No’,
And like to their displeasure show,
By screaming, shouting, making noise,
And girls are just as bad as boys.

For sanity we need a trick
Which works because they’re slightly thick,
So when they want their noisy toy,
A parent’s favourite little ploy,
Is to say “Broken!” without doubt,
And quickly rip the batteries out.

It always works, I’m sure you’ll find,
But sadly it diverts their mind,
To the ice cream van ’cross the street,
For they’ve found ice creams nice to eat.

It’s probably grandparents’ fault,
Who bought one to avoid assault,
And so kids need to be re-taught,
That ice cream simply can’t be bought,
From vans like that while jingles play,
It means they have run out today.

But sooner or p’rhaps later they,
Will find out things don’t work that way,
Then you’ll discover to your cost,
From that day forward all is lost!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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