It is reported that three robbers made off with a box of sandwiches from a Leeds jewellery shop.

The robbers thought they’d planned it well,
And that they’d easily compel,
The owners of a jeweller’s shop,
Which was not far from Leeds Co-Op,
To drop their packages and flee,
’Cos they would very frightened be.

So after they had picked the date,
They got disguised and lay in wait,
But though they all three hid and watched,
The whole thing was completely botched.

The jewellers came out the door,
It must have been just after four,
The robbers then put out their fags,
Ran up to them and snatched their bags.

The bags, they thought, seemed rather light,
But otherwise it was all right,
They made off really pretty quick,
And disappeared in a tick.

Imagine then their great surprise,
When right before their very eyes,
The contents of their heist revealed,
The remnants of two meal deals.

For sandwiches were all they’d got,
A lunch that wasn’t even hot,
And disappointment was complete,
When they saw it was luncheon meat.

Although the robbers had confessed,
The judge in court was not impressed,
And as he sentenced them to jail,
He told them lunches were on sale,
At Tesco’s and if they’d pinched those,
He would not have had to impose,
A sentence, nor no more a fine –
But they’d now find elsewhere to dine!

Image – Flickr

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