Dog fouling

It is reported that the Forestry Commission is recommending dog walkers to flick their charges’ poos into the undergrowth rather than leaving bags of it hanging from branches.

We know that dogs of any sort,
When taken out do get caught short,
And when they need to do a poo,
There’s very seldom any loo.

Most oftentimes folk use a scoop,
And plastic bags made for the poop,
But if there isn’t any bin,
There’s nothing there to put them in.

In forests, though, they can with ease,
Just leave them hanging in the trees,
And though they might think it’s all right,
If you should come at dead of night,
To take a midnight walk or two,
You might find that a bag of poo,
Has just been hung in the wrong place,
And might then hit you in the face.

To solve this problem there’s a trick,
The perpetrator gets a stick,
And in a trice – how can I say? –
Just smartly flicks it out the way.

This saves on bags and soap as well,
And there won’t be a lot of smell,
Because wherever it might slop,
It pretty soon will start to rot.

So overall, that’s what to do,
When your pet’s been and done a poo,
Just find yourself a longish stick,
And quickly give the stuff a flick.

Image – Flickr

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