Nicola Sturgeon

It is reported that Nicola Sturgeon has announced that she will insist on a second independence referendum in 2018 and is determined to keep Scotland in the single market if the UK leaves despite repeated warnings from the EU that this will not be possible.

Just when things had been put to bed,
Again up pops the ugly head,
Of that party, the SNP,
Insisting on terms that can’t be.

A secret press conf’rence took place,
At which Ms S produced her ace,
And stated once again her aims,
But she was soon shot down in flames.

“If Britain leaves,” she had to say,
“Then Scotland will be sure to stay,
And we will then secure be,
Remaining in the EEC.

I’m sad it has to be this way,
It’s all the fault of Mrs May,
For she ignores me when I speak,
Which surely is a blood cheek!”

But other countries, mainly Spain,
Said, “Oh no, it’s not her again!
We’ve told this woman twice before,
So she should understand the score:
If Britain leaves it’s not so swell,
But Scotland has to go as well.

And if she thinks she’ll get back in,
After a referendum win,
She really ought to listen well,
’Cos she’s not got a hope in hell!”

So maybe this is good advice,
She really ought to take it twice,
Diplomacy is what she lacks,
When dealing with the Sassenachs.

Image – Vimeo

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