Trump Merkel W House

It is reported that Donald Trump declined to shake hands with Angela Merkel at a White House press conference.

Frau Merkel as we all can see,
Chancellor of the BRD,
Joined Donald Trump just yesterday,
With press who’d not been kept away.

They spoke a bit with frosty looks,
About tapping and English spooks,
And then the lady from Deutschland,
She reached across, held out her hand,
Suggesting he her hand should take,
And give it some sort of a shake.

But Donald, he was in a mood,
Perhaps the lady had been rude,
For her advance he did ignore,
And just sat staring at the floor.

Trump’s gesture showed but didn’t say,
He’d had enough of her today,
Perhaps he thought she was quite plain,
And didn’t want her back again.

Frau Merkel then felt awkward so,
Said that she would soon have to go,
But in fact it is my belief,
It likely was a great relief!

Image – KTLA

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