Osborne orange suit

It is reported that former chancellor George Osborne is to become editor of the Evening Standard bringing the total number of jobs he has to six.

George Osborne is a wealthy man,
He makes a few bob where he can,
But since sacked by Theresa May,
He’s had to live from day to day.

He has a few jobs to be sure,
Most people would have several fewer,
And now so to increase the score,
He’s been and gone and got one more.

This latest one does sound quite big,
So p’rhaps they’ll give him gin to swig,
Which might just help him through his stint,
Deciding what he wants to print,
In London’s Standard paper that,
He’ll edit with the caveat,
That he will only work ’til noon,
Which might for him be opportune.

For he says after one pm,
He’ll work like an MP again,
But others say he won’t have time,
And all these jobs are like a crime,
Because they really are too much,
And Osborne just looks out of touch.

This brings his total jobs to six,
And it is quite a varied mix,
He does each one most every day,
And likely gets six lots of pay.

What he’ll do next we’ll have to see,
If he has any more time free,
He might look for a job well-tried,
Like window cleaning on the side!

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