cake big

It is reported that the Venezuelan Government has banned the use of flour for making cakes; at least 80% of it must only be used for making bread.

“Hands up if you’ve been baking cakes,
For only one is what it takes,
To have you all banged up in jail,
’Cos cakes cannot now go on sale.

The law says that you cannot use
Your flour in any way you choose,
It must be used for making bread,
And not for pies or cakes instead.

For there’s a shortage you should know,
There’s not enough to feed us so,
If it’s not used for baking bread,
There is a chance we’ll all be dead.

About this I will make no bones,
There must be no jam tarts or scones,
And see this notice with your eyes?
No battenburg or apple pies.

You will find it is for the best,
Will save cash on your lemon zest,
But you will get such earache,
For even one small fairy cake.

So do remember to be smart,
Do not make any kind of tart,
And do recall Ms Antoinette,
Who failed her test on etiquette,
By saying to eat cake not bread,
And quite soon after lost her head.

So when you go your tins to grease,
Remember us, the Cake Police,
It’s better to be thin than dead,
So please just stick to baking bread!”

Image – Pixabay

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