Dog in bed

It is reported that the residents of a penthouse flat in East London which has a no pets rule are claiming that their dog is not a pet but a member of the family.

“M’lud if I might make the case,
For keeping our dog in this place,
It is because he’s special, see,
And just part of the family.

And ’cos he is he’s not a pet,
So in your ruling you should let,
Him live up in our penthouse flat,
Not be banned by some bureaucrat.

The rules apply to pets alone,
And as I told them on the phone,
If he can’t comfort me at nights,
It is against my human rights.”

The judge said, “Well, your penthouse flat,
Is just a human habitat,
And though you can still go to bed,
You cannot take a quadruped.

And I’m afraid you cannot claim,
That careless drafting is to blame,
You know full well what a dog is,
So keep it off the premises.

But if this means undue distress,
An answer where you don’t transgress,
Although it might not be too chuffed,
You could just get the creature stuffed.”

Image – Pixabay

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