It is reported that a recent study has concluded that previously boiled water should not be used to make tea; this point was omitted from the not very famous tea recipe previously written by George Orwell.

George Orwell wrote a recipe,
To make the perfect cup of tea,
He listed all that one should do,
To be sure of the perfect brew.

One stirs the tea and warms the pot,
Makes sure the water’s boiling hot,
But one thing that he didn’t say,
Not understood back in his day,
Is that the tea will not be nice,
If you should boil the water twice.

To do so will expel the air,
A fact unknown to Eric Blair*,
But if you do not get it right,
The tea will not be fresh and bright.

Ones family will not be pleased,
As they look forward to their teas
And then ones brother, big or small,
Might not drink any tea at all.

What he – the big one – might then do,
Depends on how he might construe,
The meaning of this low-grade tea,
But one might lose ones liberty.

So back when Blair was still alive,
He would have been advised to strive,
To get his method right before,
We got to 1984.

*Eric Blair was the real name of George Orwell

Image – Wikimedia commons

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