It is reported that the European Union is holding a celebration in Rome to mark its sixtieth birthday but the United Kingdom has not been invited.

This weekend sees a thing quite rash,
The EU’s got a birthday bash,
To celebrate its sixty years,
But sadly, it might end in tears.

The twenty-seven have left home,
Will party through the night in Rome,
But Britain’s PM, Mrs May,
Is not invited there today.

That is despite the fact that we
Have not yet left the EEC,
And so we should have an invite,
To join the junket there tonight.

But anyway, I do digress,
The whole EU is in distress,
Though as speeches will doubtless say,
The union is intact today.

And while this may be strictly true,
It should be plain to me and you,
That in a few days – three or four –
The intactness will be no more.

Maybe then starts the slow decline,
Of this club some think asinine,
And if more countries want to quit,
Some people say that might be it.

But we should not too churlish be,
It’s got to sixty as we see,
And if it does a few years more,
It might just get to sixty-four.

‘When it gets older, losing its hair,
Several years from now …
Will you still need it, will you still feed it,
When it’s sixty-four?’

With apologies to the The Beatles.

Image – Wikipedia

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