It is reported that a new Japanese study has concluded that increased salt levels in the diet lead to an increased need to visit the lavatory during the night.

Most people go to bed each night,
Just hoping that they will sleep tight,
But it transpires this fervent wish,
Might just depend what sort of dish,
They had before they went to bed,
Or if they had a drink instead.

For scientists, I can now state,
Say you will want to urinate,
Not if you’ve had a glass of malt,
But rather ’cos you’ve eaten salt.

The salt, it seems, will make you wee,
Before the clock gets round to three,
But worry not, it would be worse,
If you should fail to wake up first.

As well as this the more you eat,
Perhaps in crisps or other treat,
The more you’re likely then to drink,
Which will make you wee more I think.

So if you want a good night’s sleep,
Which means both long and also deep,
Don’t eat or drink before you go,
Avoiding salt and also eau;
It’s better not to wee than to,
And this way you avoid the loo!

Image – Public domain pictures

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