Million dollar coin

It is reported that a Canadian gold coin weighing 100 kg and known as the Big Maple Leaf has been stolen from a museum in Berlin.

Some years ago a coin was cast,
Of this type both the first and last,
I don’t know for what it was meant,
But like as not, not to be spent.

According to what I’ve been told,
The coin was made of solid gold,
And if it falls please do say ‘Damn!’ –
It weighs a hundred kilogram.

Now in Berlin while on display,
Some joker took the coin away;
He knew, of course, it wasn’t right,
So took it in the dead of night.

Its whereabouts are still unknown,
So if you know get on the phone,
To police who’ll be looking for,
A man who has a limp and/or,
A rather painful crooked back,
Or possibly a heart attack!

Image – Hindustan Times

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