Article 50 trigger

It is reported that the Prime Minister yesterday sent a letter to the President of the European Council under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty informing him of the United Kingdom’s intention to end its membership of the European Union.

“My Dear Donald, if I may,
Call you by your first name today,
This is the letter through your door –
The one you have been waiting for.

It’s being sent to you from me,
The gist of it is plain to see,
And it confirms, I have to say,
That finally we’re on our way.

But while we’re leaving the EU,
I do want to impress on you,
That it is no way our intent,
That we should leave the continent.

So we will still be ‘over there’,
And sometimes getting in your hair,
If things go wrong we’ll make amends,
’Cos we still want to be your friends.

So as we leave the EEC,
Because we now want to be free,
We wish all of you no ill-will,
And will want to trade with you still.

So you can buy our JCBs,
Keep sending us your smelly cheese,
And when it comes to sparkling wine,
Some of ours is now rather fine,
So put away the Scotch and gin,
And on wine may the best man win.

So we need to negotiate,
Now as an independent state,
It’s better that we’re friends than not,
So please ignore that little Scot!”

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