Brexit flag

It is reported that the European Council has replied to The Prime Minister’s Brexit letter in double quick time.

Two days ago our Mrs May,
Put Brexit finally in play,
By writing to nice Mr Tusk,
A letter, positive not brusque.

It seemed to leave them all in shock,
The leaders of the Euro bloc,
Like this had come as a surprise,
And they could not believe their eyes.

This says to me that some still thought,
With Britain there might be some sort,
Of fudge that might just make things better,
And no need then for any letter.

For even in the German press,
A headline stating, more or less,
That Britain could still choose to stay,
Was on the front page on that day.

So two days on we’ve Tusk’s reply,
Prepared with heavy heart and sigh,
But still constructive and polite,
In all the words he chose to write.

He says both sides will do their best,
To reach agreement quickly, lest
There may be more disruption than,
When all this Brexit thing began.

On some points the EU stands firm,
With some to be discussed in turn,
But read the letter whereupon,
The punishment and threats are gone.

So I think this should augur well,
Though as of now it’s hard to tell,
But of what there is little doubt –
In six months’ time we will find out.

Image – Public domain pictures


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