Polar bear

It is reported in the Daily Telegraph that a polar bear has been spotted living on an island in the Outer Hebrides.

A polar bear, it’s said, has come,
To live where folk drink Scotch not rum,
And on a Scottish island he,
Has made his home quite recently.

He was first spotted on the beach,
(The cameraman was out of reach)
And it is thought that for his meals,
He’s likely eating Scottish seals.

He has come down from farther north,
Not quite yet reached the Firth of Forth,
And while all this seems rather strange,
It is because of climate change.

The icy floes are melting fast,
With the expanse now not so vast,
So he made his mind up one day,
On the last floe to get away.

But local folk have voiced concern,
That if too many people learn,
About the presence of the bear,
They might be tempted over there,
And bring food like Scotch eggs in twelves,
So they won’t be consumed themselves.

And there’s concern in Glasgow’s streets,
He might go looking there for treats,
Like old discarded food that’s junk,
Or p’rhaps the odd Glaswegian drunk.

I don’t have much more left to say,
On this or any other day,
There might be some more to relate,
But first of all please check the date!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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