Gibraltar 1

It is reported that the EU’s Brexit negotiation proposals include a Spanish veto on matters affecting Gibraltar.

‘O Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Then let me hide myself in Thee;
Just keep the Spanish far away,
Both now and after Brexit day;
O Rock of Ages cleft for me,
We are just wanting to be free.’

There is a place quite far away,
Where folk might when tonight they pray,
Thinking about the place they love,
Sing something like the verse above.

I speak, of course, of Gibraltar,
Where almost all the people are,
Determined they will British stay.
Imagine then their great dismay,
When they saw in the EU’s note,
That Spain would have a casting vote,
On what they could and could not do,
When all the Brexit talks are through.

Three hundred years they’ve British been,
Since round the time of Anne, The Queen,
When with the help of people Dutch,
The Spanish were kicked into touch,
And in the Treaty of Utrecht,
As you might possibly suspect,
The Rock, as it is always known,
Was ceded to the British Throne.

From time to time the Spanish moan,
That they do also have a throne,
And they would now like to back-track,
Annul The Treaty, have it back.

The British, with no need to plot,
Say, “All tight then, we’ll tell you what.
We’ll ask the people what to do,
And whether they want us or you.”

And every time this has been done,
The British side has always won,
And therefore democratically,
They always choose the British See.

What happens next we’ll have to see,
But if you want a view from me,
We just need ‘No’ from Mrs May,
And this will likely go away.

With apologies to A M Toplady (1740-1778)

Image – Wikimedia commons


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