Exercise cartoon

It is reported that the British Heart Foundation has said that people who do not take enough exercise are at an increased risk of a heart attack and even those who do are still at risk if they sit down too much.

We must have heard it all before,
Recently and in days of yore,
If you don’t exercise quite well,
You’ll go to heaven, maybe hell.

You have to do some every day,
One-fifty mins. is what they say,
And if you think this is extreme,
I think each week is what they mean.

That’s just enough to stay on track,
Perhaps avoid a heart attack,
But even then if you should sit,
Too long then that could still be it.

For sitting, it seems, is so bad,
And for us all it’s pretty sad,
Because – and I am sure it’s true –
Sitting is what we mostly do.

So best foot forward and take care,
How long you exercise out there,
And afterwards please understand,
While at the bar you’d better stand.


Image – Pixabay

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