Easter egg

It is reported that the annual Easter Egg Trail organised by the National Trust and Cadbury will not feature Easter in its title or in most of its publicity material this Easter … sorry, this year.

At Easter time the sun comes out,
Young children have excuse to shout,
And then as Easter Sunday nears,
The Easter bunny’s floppy ears,
Emerge to great excitement and,
Nowhere more so than NT land.

On Easter Day there is a game,
Which every year is much the same,
Children have Easter eggs to find,
But these are not just any kind,
They’re made with Cadbury Dairy Milk,
Or other products of that ilk.

Now this year Cadbury had concern,
The profits it expects to earn,
From Easter eggs might well reduce,
If folk like Moslems should deduce,
That Easter is a Christian bash,
And not part with their hard-earned cash.

And so it was decided to,
Appeal to them now they’re not few,
And so to drop the Easter word,
Which Christians say is quite absurd.

It has, in fact, kicked up a stink,
Enough to drive a man to drink,
And most religious leaders say,
We should still call it Easter Day,
For without Jesus to enlist,
The Easter Egg would not exist.

Image – Public domain pictures

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