Marmite beer

It is reported that new research at York University suggests that there is a possibility that Marmite may perhaps help to guard against the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Last time Marmite was in these rhymes,
It was in early Brexit times,
And Unilever, tut tut tut,
Wanted to put its prices up.

It caused furore, you’ll recall,
’Twixt them and supermarkets all,
But now I think you should be told,
It might be worth its weight in gold.

For recent studies now suggest,
That Marmite could well be the best,
Of preparations on this earth,
Which might protect us all from birth,
Against that Alzheimer’s disease,
Which is worse than a cough or sneeze.

For when researchers dig and delve,
They find there vitamin B12,
In huge amounts which they then say,
Might well protect us every day.

For Marmite lovers this is good,
They can now eat more than they should,
But if you hate it then it’s tough,
Although one teaspoon is enough,
If taken pretty much each day,
To keep the illness right away.

But I recall Marmite is made,
From products of the brewing trade,
And though the colour is more pale,
It seems to me that drinking ale,
Could have a similar effect,
On human brain and intellect.

In fact, paleness might not be bad,
For far from making people sad,
It seems quite logical to me,
That any person – he or she –
Opting for just the alehouse way,
Would have to drink a lot each day.

So there we are and on that note,
The drinking option gets my vote,
But if you try it do beware,
That drunken people anywhere,
Can easily get a fat lip.
And also go arse over tip!

Image – Jennifer Crewdson / Ebenezer Bean

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