It is reported that audiences at the Royal Opera House sometimes boo when they don’t like the performance and the new director has urged people to clap even if they don’t like what they have seen as a matter of politeness.

The Royal Opera House it seems,
Not always exceeds people’s dreams,
And some of them – we don’t know who –
Consider it’s all right to boo.

This does seem really rather rude,
Both pre and post the interlude,
And the new man in charge has asked,
People to think about the cast,
And be polite and only clap,
Including when they think it’s crap.

He says that folk should be polite,
And I suppose that he is right,
If they’re upset they can complain,
Or maybe just not go again.

Most people when they’re out at night,
Will do their best to be polite,
But there are some – just one or two –
Who will not be told what to do.

One such who’s always in the news,
And famously has a short fuse,
Is Donald Trump of whom you’ve heard,
And likely would find it absurd,
To clap when he thinks he should boo,
And maybe wants to throw things too.

But somehow I don’t think that he,
Much of a worry needs to be,
’Cos opera where folk dance and sing,
Is probably not quite his thing!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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