It is reported that the Supreme Court has ruled that parents must not take their children out of school for holidays etc. without the headmaster’s permission and also it is reported that Jeremy Corbyn is proposing free school meals for all children which, he claims, will improve their concentration, the meals to be paid for by charging VAT on private and public school fees.

“Now Johnny, there’s good news today,
’Cos I’ve just booked a holiday;
We’re off to Disneyland next week,
And after that we’ll take a peek,
At the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls,
Plus other things your dad recalls,
Perhaps the CN Tower climb –
The holiday of a lifetime.

So when you go to school today,
Please take this note for it will say,
You’ll be off school as of tonight,
Which surely is a parent’s right.”

But Johnny seemed not too enthused,
“The note will likely be refused,
For it is quite against the rule,
So have such absences from school.”

“The trip is booked so I don’t care,
And surely once you tell them where,
You’re going then they will relent,
And see it will be time well-spent.”

“It just won’t wash, I have to say,
There was a case in court today,
And in his verdict he – the judge –
Said that’s the rule and would not budge.”

“But surely you don’t want to miss,
A holiday as good as this;
I really do not understand,
’Cos we will go to Disneyland;
You seem to have some other doubt,
So come on now and spit it out.”

There was a pause and then he spoke,
“I know this might sound like a joke,
And though you might have got good deals,
It means I will not get school meals.

They may be crap like Spam and chips,
And oranges all full of pips,
But Mr Corbyn does assure,
That if I do this food endure,
My concentration will increase,
Because of all the fat and grease.

So I will heed his good advice,
He doesn’t need to say it twice,
For of the wise things in his head,
This is the best he’s ever said!”

Image – Pixabay

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