Baking ingredients

It is reported that Mary Berry of GBBO fame now has a selection of shop-bought cakes to her name and that these contain additives and ingredients not found in the ‘superior’ home-baked cakes which she normally champions.

The British Bake Off chief once said,
Only over her body dead,
Would she say shop-bought cakes were fine,
Compared to those that take your time,
To kneed and stir and roll them out,
To make them good or thereabout.

And so it is with some dismay,
That I have read reports today,
That she now has a line of cakes,
For people for whom mixing aches.

She’s cherry bakewells, tarts and scones,
Which, as you know, they are the ones,
That you eat spread with cream and jam,
With sandwiches and tea Assam.

She used to say home-made was best,
Less additives and all the rest,
But if ingredients you check,
You might at that point say ‘Oh heck!’
There’s more in this than meets the eye,
And more than any home-made pie.

Up there is CaCO3,
That’s limestone, ground, to you and me,
Then iron, sorbic acid too,
And things not mentioned hitherto.

Such things are needed, they will say,
To get a lengthy sell-by day,
For otherwise they wouldn’t keep,
And prices might be rather steep.

So when you buy your cake take care,
To read what’s in it if you dare,
And then you really shouldn’t moan,
If it’s not what you’d make at home.

Image – Pixabay

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