Cruise missile

It is reported that Donald Trump has launched a cruise missile attack on a Syrian airfield in response to the recent Syrian chemical attack on civilians and that the Russians were pre-warned so that they could move their aircraft out of the way to avoid unnecessary escalation.

We have now seen a show of force,
By Trump and the US Airforce,
As cruise missiles by them were sent,
To give a warning their intent.

It followed chemical attack,
Which in the end had been traced back,
To Assad’s forces and their planes,
For that’s who the CIA blames.

To stop things getting out of hand,
The place where these missiles would land,
Was worked out and the Russians told,
Before the bombing would unfold.

The Russians then could move their planes,
And Assad’s airforce do the same,
So they’d not suffer much that night,
Despite the military might.

Then while D Trump went out to dine,
The missiles, total fifty-nine,
Were sent and in a rapid burst,
Exploded and so did their worst.

So in one fell swoop with this act,
The President could show in fact,
Putin was really not his mate,
Or not his best at any rate.

But strangely the runways in fact,
Seem to have been left quite intact,
And Syrians said with a scoff,
That their planes were still taking off.

It does perhaps seem rather strange,
That since the runways were in range,
These missiles which cost quite a bit,
Not one of them the runways hit.

But maybe there might be a clue,
In the invective Moscow threw,
Back at the West on the next day,
In which it also chose to say,
They thought this might be just a blip –
Perhaps a diplomatic slip –
And after some passage of time,
They once again would get on fine.

So p’rhaps relations are unchanged,
’Twixt Putin and the man deranged,
And if there seems to be a split.
Perhaps it only looks like it.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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